Benefits to members

Members of COHEHRE are entitled to:

  • Participate in the annual conference.
  • Participate in COHEHRE Academy activities e.g. student courses and capacity building workshops.
  • Vote in the General Assembly (Trial membership gives no voting rights)
  • Nominate representatives of COHEHRE member institutions for the presidency, the consortium council, the auditor and the nominating committee
  • Be nominated for the presidency, the consortium council, the audit and the nomination committee
  • COHEHRE is an active network, who is developing its activities according to the needs and interests of the consortium network. It offers interesting opportunities for its members as network to explore the issues that are affecting their schools, their faculties and their students. COHEHRE is actively discussing and sharing information about professional education and change in health care, life-long learning, quality assurance, research impacts on education, practice and innovative based learning.

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Who can apply for membership?

COHEHRE is a consortium developing especially higher education networking. Establishments, institutions, organisations and associations that subscribe the aims of the consortium and that are not an institute of education may also apply for membership. The Consortium Council is authorised to accept new members and applications are considered and approved at the General Assembly within the annual conference.

If you are interested in joining COHEHRE, there are three types of membership; trial membership, full membership and full membership for LIC countries.

Institutional Trial Membership € 350,-/first year only Trial Membership offers an institution the possibility to be part of COHEHRE for one year, after this year they can become regular member upon payment of the appropriate full membership fee.
Full Institutional Membership
LIC countries
€ 850,-/year Bulgaria, Hungary, Lithuania, Romania, Estonia, Poland, Slovakia, Portugal, Latvia, Croatia, Greece, Czech Republic, Slovenia
Full Institutional Membership € 1.400,-/year

If you wish to apply for (Trial) Membership, please, contact the Cohehre Office: isabelle.delariviere [@] arteveldehs .be