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Nature and Adventure Promoting Well-being -course
Sep 24 – Sep 30 all-day

General outline of the workshop

How could we empower our clients to gain meaningful experiences supporting wellbeing?
What is the importance of knowing myself as a reflective practitioner?
Where can I find tools understanding deeper and being able to use possibilities of our environment?


Nature and Adventure Promoting Wellbeing is a course for all students of social and health care interested about empowering experiences supporting wellbeing. During the course you will gain new professional competencies, but also learn a lot of yourself, your own values and relation towards nature and natural environment.


The course consist of pretasks during the summer 2018 and an intensive phase in Finland during the last week of September 2018.


Independent pretask (1ECTS) is open from August 15th
Intensive course in Finland (2ECTS)
Sept 24-26th working in the city
Sept 26-30th in the middle of no-where
Sept 23rd and Oct 1st : travelling days


More info:

Flyer Nature & Adventure Registration Nature & Adventure
Inspiration, Iteration & Innovation @ Oulu University of Applied Sceinces
Nov 6 @ 00:00 – Nov 9 @ 00:00

General outline

The workshop will be three days practical experience about project based team working in higher education. Last day of the workshop is to deepen knowledge gain during the workshop.
The workshop will include 48 hours innovation challenge, where participants will learn development methods in practice as well as a seminar about challenges and possibilities of bridging work-life and higher education.
Innovation challenge will be done in interdisciplinary teams. The workshop will give a mini experience of the learning in interdisciplinary teams at Oamk LABs.

Time and venue
6.-9.November 2018
Oulu University of Applied Sceinces, Oulu, Finland. Campuses are located close by city centre of Oulu.
www.oamk.fi and www.oamklabs.fi . Workshop will be in Kotkantie campus.
Kotkantie 1 90250 Oulu.

Format: 4-full days training
Start Tuesday 6th November at 9 and closing Friday 9th November at 17.

Tuition fee
Cohehre members: 240 Euro
Reduced participation fee for Cohehre Low Income Countries
(Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Estonia, Romania etc.): 150 Euro
The fee is including: training, training materials,
4 lunches, 4 coffee breaks, welcome drink


Flyer Inspiration, Iteration & Innovation
Student international week – Health and Social Care perspectives of refuge and migration in Europe @ University of Derby
Nov 20 @ 09:00 – Nov 23 @ 13:00

Student international week

Health and Social Care perspectives of refuge and migration in Europe


The purpose of the international week is to explore issues of migration and refuge that are relevant to existing social and political situations within Europe, and to do this within a frame that seeks to make more porous and critically challenge the traditional divides between self and others.


The programme aims to equip students with knowledge that will assist them, as trainee health and social care professionals, to work compassionately with refugees and those seeking asylum.


It is premised on the principle of ethical relationship: to encourage students to consider how to ‘experience with’, rather than ‘do to’, and to critically reflect on their own values as individuals and future professionals, working within a local, national and international socio-political context.


Areas of attention that will be focused upon within the event are:

– policies and politics;
– physical, psychological and social wellbeing;
– identity and belonging;
– working as health and social care professionals within this context.


A particular focus is on understanding common human needs experienced by self and others, and to consider how the socio-political context can affect ability to meet needs in particular:

– Basic physiological needs such as food, drink, shelter, clothing, warmth sleep;
– Safety needs such as protection from the elements, security, sense of stability, freedom from fear;
– Love and belonging needs, needs for relations with others, friendship, intimacy, trust, acceptance, giving and receiving of affection and love,
being part of a group;
– Esteem needs, including self-esteem linked to feelings of dignity, achievement, mastery, and the need to be esteemed or valued by others,
have respect from others, be seen as someone with status, prestige.


As part of the event participants will undertake insight visits to organisations within Derby that work with and/or on behalf of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.


We would need to know which Universities are interested in sending their own students before anyone books on via the link detailed below, together with an institutional academic contact.

Please see the link here – https://www.derby.ac.uk/events/latest-events/health-and-social-care-perspectives-of-refuge-and-migration-in-europe/


The event will this year be free of charge, however, participants will need to arrange and cover costs associated with travel, accommodation, and meals. Links to accommodation options are included on the event website.


We would be grateful if you would invite students that are either in the second year of undergraduate study or above this level.

All students will need to enrol (as this is a standard University requirement) nearer to the event – the booking site will only reserve their place in the first instance.

It would be useful to know in advance as to whether any institutions anticipate as to whether your students will submit the summative assessment after the event (in order to be awarded with the 5 ECTS credits directly from the University of Derby).