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Inspiration, Iteration & Innovation @ Oulu University of Applied Sceinces
Nov 6 @ 00:00 – Nov 9 @ 00:00

General outline

The workshop will be three days practical experience about project based team working in higher education. Last day of the workshop is to deepen knowledge gain during the workshop.
The workshop will include 48 hours innovation challenge, where participants will learn development methods in practice as well as a seminar about challenges and possibilities of bridging work-life and higher education.
Innovation challenge will be done in interdisciplinary teams. The workshop will give a mini experience of the learning in interdisciplinary teams at Oamk LABs.

Time and venue
6.-9.November 2018
Oulu University of Applied Sceinces, Oulu, Finland. Campuses are located close by city centre of Oulu.
www.oamk.fi and www.oamklabs.fi . Workshop will be in Kotkantie campus.
Kotkantie 1 90250 Oulu.

Format: 4-full days training
Start Tuesday 6th November at 9 and closing Friday 9th November at 17.

Tuition fee
Cohehre members: 240 Euro
Reduced participation fee for Cohehre Low Income Countries
(Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Estonia, Romania etc.): 150 Euro
The fee is including: training, training materials,
4 lunches, 4 coffee breaks, welcome drink


Flyer Inspiration, Iteration & Innovation
Culture in Healing – Healing in Culture @ Semmelweis University, Faculty of Health Sciences
Mar 6 – Mar 8 all-day

Culture in Healing – Healing in Culture


The quality of the relation connecting the health worker to the patient is an important element of the healing process. The cultural distance separating the two often creates an invisible bias producing unnecessary tensions, compromising successful patient- professional cooperation. Minorities and migrants are often cited as obvious examples of cultural otherness; it is less readily recognised that patients coming simply from different social contexts than that of the majority population might also pose problems to the medical system.


Aim of the seminar:

to introduce and discuss a method based on the work of French social psychologist Margalit Cohen- Emerique to increase self-consciousness and self-reflection of health professionals being able to cope with intercultural issues. A conceptional framework and important keys will be given to understand better cultural patterns different from theirs, in order to render their work more efficient and less contentious.


Flyer Culture in Healing 2019


Conference 2019: ‘Integrated care: New trends in higher education and research’ @ Vic, Spain @ Uvic
Apr 3 @ 00:00 – Apr 5 @ 00:00

COHEHRE Conference 2019
Integrated care: New trends in higher education and research




1.Empowerment of service users and providers

Expert patient
Empowering staff and students
Interdisciplinary cooperation and collaboration in education
Service user care pathways
Actual and virtual communities of practice
Creating healthy working environments


2.Ethical and legal challenges

Sharing service user records
Artificial intelligence
Service user autonomy and choice


3.Ehealth, learning and upcoming technologies

Assistive technologies
Communication technologies
Ehealth literacy
Flow of information and coordination of care from acute to community settings to promote person centred care
Future technology


COHEHRE Staff Theme & Subthemes 2019


Abstract Submission 2019
Hands-on internationalisation @ home @ FH Campus Wien
May 22 @ 09:00 – May 24 @ 16:00


This hands-on training course will start with an introduction on the backgrounds and key principles of internationalization of the home curriculum. After that, participants will work on internationalising their own teaching. An important step in the process is the internationalization of current student learning outcomes.

Internationalizing curricula implies giving students the opportunity to experience perspectives from other countries and contexts. This will enable them to become aware that local practices are not uni-versal. An interdisciplinary approach can also provide those other perspectives. Therefore, this train-ing course will incorporate both international and interdisciplinary components to the participants’ teaching. Exchanging and comparing with the work of the other participants will be an important ele-ment of this training course.


Flyer 2019
Community Engaged Scholarship: The ethics in building sustainable relationships with community partners in education @ Amsterdam UAS, Nicolaes Tulp Building
Nov 4 @ 11:00 – Nov 6 @ 13:00

Community Engaged Scholarship:
The ethics in building sustainable relationships with community partners in education


  • This is an inter-disciplinary course for educators in health care professions who interesting in the ethics of learning activities outside the classroom. With an increase in educational activities in the community, for example service learning activities, it is important to explore the ethics of these projects,  and what steps we as educators can take to build sustainable partnerships with our community partners
  • The course will take you on site visits in Amsterdam and will provide you with practical tools to evaluate your current and future community-based projects
  • For inspiration, we have invited Leanne Leclair, an Associate professor in Occupational Therapy at the University of Manitoba. She has years of expertise in community health projects, community-based participatory research and community development. She will share her experiences and provide guidance to the participants throughout the course: http://umanitoba.ca/rehabsciences/leclair.html



Community Engaged Scholarship Flyer 2019

Filip Dejonckheere and Aija Ahokas will be happy to assist you with your questions.



Community Engaged Scholarship Programme



Please, send the registration form below to isabelle.delariviere@arteveldehs.be

Registration form
Erasmus+ Seminar towards the new Erasmus+ programme (2021-2027) @ Universitat de Vic-Universitat Central de Catalunya
Feb 13 – Feb 14 all-day
Erasmus+ Seminar towards the new Erasmus+ programme (2021-2027) @ Universitat de Vic-Universitat Central de Catalunya


The Universitat de Vic-Universitat Central de Catalunya (UVic-UCC) will be hosting the Erasmus+ Seminar in Vic, Spain on 13-14 February 2020.


Participants will develop skills for writing Erasmus proposals and they will have the chance to explore the new Erasmus Program.


Mireia Galí
Head of the International Education Projects Unit, at the International Projects Office, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Expert in the pre-award of Erasmus+ project proposals, mainly Erasmus Mundus, Knowledge Alliances and Strategic Partnerships.

Member of the Erasmus+ Spanish Agency Experts Panel. Coordinator of an Erasmus+ /Sport/ Collaborative Partnership project: Sport and Academic Talent Integration through Exchange Programmes in Hockey (STICK) www.stickproject.eu.

Member of the European Commission working group on cooperation projects in higher education for the new Programme, 2021-27.



Flyer Erasmus+ seminar



Contact: isabelle.delariviere@arteveldehs.be


Corona virus implications on COHEHRE Conference 2020: ‘Urban Health: Inclusion and Sustainability in super-diverse Cities @ Hogeschool Rotterdam
Mar 25 @ 09:00 – Mar 27 @ 16:00
Corona virus implications on COHEHRE Conference 2020: 'Urban Health: Inclusion and Sustainability in super-diverse Cities @ Hogeschool Rotterdam


We are very sorry to inform you that the COHEHRE Conference will not be going ahead at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences as planned this year. 


There have been extensive discussions between the COHEHRE Council, the RUAS organising team and the RUAS University Executive. In the light of the spread of the Corona Virus, we do not feel we should expose our students and staff to heightened risks of transmission at this time. 


We are currently in discussions with the team at RUAS to try to rearrange a date for the conference if at all possible. We will contact you again when we have more information on this. 


In the light of this we would be happy to refund any conference fees already paid.
Alternatively, we would be able to carry the fee forward for the new date. 


If you would have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Isabelle.delariviere@arteveldehs.be 







1. Students: Education & Diversity


  • Lifelong learning
  • Customised programmes
  • Differences in student lifestyles (socio-cultural)
  • Inclusion
  • International study programmes
  • Interprofessional learning
  • Technology for education


2. Clients: Practice & Diversity


  • Urbanisation and health related issues
  • Resilient cities
  • How to promote Urban Health?
  • New challenges in a diverse society
  • Health literacy & prevention
  • Inclusion of newcomers
  • Prevention
  • Sexual diversity within healthcare
  • Vulnerable groups (ageing people, disabled people, etc.)
  • The use of technology and E-health


3. Healthcare professionals: Labour market & Diversity


  • Labour market shortages
  • Ageing workforce
  • Resilience and burn-out prevention
  • Including culturally diverse workforce
  • Cultural differences in the field
  • The use of technology and E-health



Preliminary programme 2020



Abstract Guidelines & Submission 2020