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Nature & Adventure promoting Well-being @ OAMK
May 20 – May 26 all-day

Nature and Adventure Promoting Wellbeing


How could we empower our clients to gain meaningful experiences supporting wellbeing?
What is the importance of knowing myself as a reflective practitioner?
Where can I find tools understanding deeper and being able to use possibilities of our environment?

Nature and Adventure Promoting Wellbeing is a course for all students of social and health care interested about empowering experiences supporting wellbeing. During the course you will gain new professional competencies, but also learn a lot of yourself, your own values and relation towards nature and natural environment.

220€ (early bird)
300€ (normal) for students of COHEHRE member institution
Including: teaching, teaching materials, lunches, 3x dinner, accommodation for 4 (22.-25.5.) nights

The course consist of pretask and an intensive phase in Finland at the end of May 2019.

Independent pretask(1ECTS) is open from May 1st in Facebook (you will get invitation by e-mail)
Intensive course in Finland (2ECTS)
May 20.-22. working in the city
May 22.(evening)- 26. in the middle of no-where
May 19. and May 27.: travelling days
Interdisciplinary Programme on Palliative and End-of-Life Care (IPPE) @ Arteveldehogeschool
Jan 26 – Jan 31 all-day
Interdisciplinary Programme on Palliative and End-of-Life Care (IPPE) @ Arteveldehogeschool


The Interdisciplinary Programme on Palliative and End-of-life Care has been developed in cooperation with 7 European Universities and an North-American University: University of Connecticut (UCONN).  In January 2020 the project will be organized in two parts: a Preparatory Programme and an Intensive Programme in  Ghent, Belgium, 26th January till 31st January 2020.


Preparatory Programme:
Participants have the option to stay in Ghent and take a ‘pre-programme’ in face-to-face education from 21th till 24th January 2020. Topics: community health care, active ageing, mental health and oncology. Preparatory work can  also be done in distance learning. This includes assignments such as a personal introduction on Facebook , some reading, preparing of a presentation and a study ‘visit@home’.


Intensive Programme Topics:
introduction to palliative and end-of-life care, communication with clients, bereavement, family and environment; ethical issues related to end-of-life decisions and euthanasia, spiritual and existential pain; caregiver’s perspective; intercultural issues. Workshops: complementary care and interdisciplinary cooperation (haptonomy,  aromatherapy, reiki, art therapy).  Student project: hands-on practice during workshops in nursing homes for elderly.


Time and venue:  Ghent, Belgium  26th—31th of January 2020.  preparatory work in face-to-face  education or distance learning.
Target group: students of healthcare professions, social work or  applied psychology.
Credits: 3 ECTS
Costs Intensive Programme:
No tuition fee
240 euro (including housing for 7 nights, lunches, local travel for study visits, welcome dinner, social program)


Flyer IPPE 2020
COHEHRE Student Conference (DiSI) @ Hogeschool Rotterdam
Mar 23 – Mar 27 all-day
COHEHRE Student Conference (DiSI) @ Hogeschool Rotterdam

Diversity and Social Inclusion (DiSI) is a program of study aimed at enhancing awareness of different kinds of social inequalities rooted in many different ways of diversity in our contemporary societies, including those that especially occur in a super-diverse environment.

It will support the development of core competences in future educators, health care professionals and social workers with the help of an already piloted interdisciplinary model (ICIC) based on blended learning approach.
This model could improve the sensibility to differences in cultural, socio-economic and health status, and the unequal distribution of social resources.

The organization of the course consists of two modules. The expected outcomes of a preparatory assignment (module 1) based on distance learning will result in a 5-day intensive program (module 2) with activities taking place in a multi-professional and multicultural context in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The student conference will be hosted by Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.

For more info on the programme and practical information:

Conference Website Rotterdam 2020