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International Winter School 2021
Jan 11 @ 00:00 – Feb 5 @ 00:00
International Winter School 2021



ZHAW School of Health Professions in Winterthur, Switzerland, is happy to offer you an attractive International Winter School 2021 despite the ongoing corona pandemic. We have adapted the School’s program to the current restrictions and challenges, offering you some of the courses in an online format. This means that you can participate in the Winter School 2021 from the comfort of your home.


Aims and topics

Together, Swiss and international students will learn about interprofessional cooperation in the health and social sector. Future health professionals and social workers gain new competences in dealing with complex and challenging interprofessional situations and learn how to efficiently cooperate with each other.

This year students can choose between several courses. Some are in hybrid (onsite and online) and some in online only format. Participants can book one full-time course per week.

All courses are in English, level B1-B2 required.



For the two full time courses students will gain 2 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) subject to 50 – 60 hours of student work. Preparatory assignment, full time attendance and successful end of week assessment are required.


Target group

Third year Bachelor students of the health professions of ZHAW, some ZHAW Social Work students and around 150 students from partner institutions of ZHAW School of Health Professions or ZHAW School of Social Work studying Midwifery, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Health Promotion and Prevention or Social Work.

Courses are primarily aimed at Bachelor level, but Master level students are welcome to participate. Some practical experience is required, at least 2nd year of BSc study.



Mon-Fri 09:00-16:00
Online and Onsite in Switzerland



We will give priority to the students of choice of our partner universities. In a second step the courses are open to all health – and social care students and universities. Thank you for adhering to the following nomination and registration process:


First step – Nomination (deadline 07. November 2020):
Please email us your nominees at international.gesundheit@zhaw.ch including the names, e-mail addresses and which course that they would like to attend. Indicate the priority of your students of which we aim to consider at least two and the remainder will be set on the waiting list. In the on campus course we are aiming at a high diversity as the spots are limited.

Second step – Online Registration (deadline 15. November 2020):
The registration link and the cancellation policy are still in progress but will be online in November. All payments will be made online and will go hand in hand with the registration. Before 15th of November the waiting-list students will be notified and informed about the registration process. There will be a separate communication.

Staff Mobility:

There will be reduced staff mobility possible during this Winter School and the course leaders will contact their colleagues directly if and when support and collaboration is planned.
More detailed info could be found on the following link: Winter School 2021 Website




Flyer Winter School 2021
COHEHRE Student Conference (DiSI) 2021 @ Hogeschool Rotterdam
Mar 22 @ 00:00 – Mar 26 @ 00:00
COHEHRE Student Conference (DiSI) 2021 @ Hogeschool Rotterdam

Diversity and Social Inclusion (DiSI) is a program of study aimed at enhancing awareness of different kinds of social inequalities rooted in many different ways of diversity in our contemporary societies, including those that especially occur in a super-diverse environment.

It will support the development of core competences in future educators, health care professionals and social workers with the help of an already piloted interdisciplinary model (ICIC) based on blended learning approach.
This model could improve the sensibility to differences in cultural, socio-economic and health status, and the unequal distribution of social resources.

The organization of the course consists of two modules. The expected outcomes of a preparatory assignment (module 1) based on distance learning will result in a 5-day intensive program (module 2) with activities taking place in a multi-professional and multicultural context in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The student conference will be hosted by Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.

COHEHRE Conference 2021 ‘Urban Health: Inclusion and Sustainability in super-diverse cities’ @ Hogeschool Rotterdam
Mar 24 @ 00:00 – Mar 26 @ 00:00
COHEHRE Conference 2021 'Urban Health: Inclusion and Sustainability in super-diverse cities' @ Hogeschool Rotterdam






1. Students: Education & Diversity


  • Lifelong learning
  • Customised programmes
  • Differences in student lifestyles (socio-cultural)
  • Inclusion
  • International study programmes
  • Interprofessional learning
  • Technology for education


2. Clients: Practice & Diversity


  • Urbanisation and health related issues
  • Resilient cities
  • How to promote Urban Health?
  • New challenges in a diverse society
  • Health literacy & prevention
  • Inclusion of newcomers
  • Prevention
  • Sexual diversity within healthcare
  • Vulnerable groups (ageing people, disabled people, etc.)
  • The use of technology and E-health


3. Healthcare professionals: Labour market & Diversity


  • Labour market shortages
  • Ageing workforce
  • Resilience and burn-out prevention
  • Including culturally diverse workforce
  • Cultural differences in the field
  • The use of technology and E-health
Nature & Adventure Promoting Well-being
May 25 @ 00:00 – May 30 @ 00:00

Nature and Adventure
Promoting Well-being 

Urbanization is emerging as one of the most important global health issues of the 21st century, with cities becoming epicenters for chronic, non-communicable physical and mental health conditions. There is growing recognition of the crucial rol of forests and other green spaces adressing this public health care challenge, with over 40 years of research showing that experiences of nature are linked to a remarkable breadth of positive health outcomes: improved physical health and mental well-being, greater social well-being and promotion of positive health behavior. 

Still too often we don’t recognize the effect of nature and evironment on us. When working with clients we should be able to support them to manage everyday activities in their natural environment. This course will teach a mindset of using nature with our clients and to find out more about our own relation towards the environment and life that surrounds us. Making us realise the importance of environments and meaningful experiences for our clients and use them as a part of our work as health and social care professional. 

Blended learning, partly online and an intensive part in the middle of nowhere (woods in Northern-Finland). Learning is based on teamwork and learning by doing 

Time and venue
Preparatory work in face-to-face education or distance learning, starting April 20th 2021 (student decides how to participate). Intensive part in Oulu and woods, Finland, May 25th – 30th 2021. 

Target group
BA and MA students from healthcare professions, social work/care. 


240 € (students of OAMK € 50)
Fee includes teaching, teaching materials, food and accomodation (in tents) from May 26th – 30th, travelling from Oulu to campsite and back.
Not included: flights to Oulu and back, accomodation in Oulu on May 25th 

Coordinating institution
Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Finland 

as of January 2021, participation will be confirmed latest mid February.



Flyer Nature & Adventure 2021