Ester Goutan Roura


University of Vic – Central University of Catalonia – Spain


COHEHRE Research
Annual conference: Scientific program coordinator



Ester Goutan is an Associate Professor at the Methodology and Basic Sciences Department at the University of Vic-Central University of Catalonia (UVic-UCC) where she lectures Human Physiology and Pharmacology. After her degree in Pharmacy, she began her research career on Neurobiology. At present, she has reoriented her research towards the clinical study of those health conditions that affect tissue repair. Higher Education Teaching and Innovative Teaching are also among her research interests. Since joining UVic-UCC, she has held several management positions and she has contributed to degree and post-degree design. Besides, she is responsible for the Academic Support and Orientation Unit dedicated to students’ collaborations in her research group TR2Lab (Tissue Repair and Regeneration Laboratory).

Annemie Spooren


PXL University of Applied Sciences – Belgium


COHEHRE Research
Annual conference: Scientific program coordinator



Annemie Spooren is doctor in rehabilitation sciences and head Research Centre in Innovation in Care at PXL University of applied Sciences (Belgium). She’s also lector at the Bachelor program of Occupational Therapy (PXL University of applied sciences) and guest professor at Hasselt University in the Master program of Occupational Science (Belgium). After her clinical work as a physiotherapist in different European countries, she has been involved in health education and research since 2000. Her focus on research is on innovative rehabilitation and care processes within an interdisciplinary context.

Patricia Claessens


Artevelde University College Ghent – Belgium


COHEHRE Strategic management
Annual conference: Strategic Management program coordinator



Patricia Claessens (PhD) is Director of the Expertise Network of Health Care at Artevelde University of Applied Sciences Ghent (Belgium). She is responsible for the health care department and together with a team of 300 employees, education is offered to more than 3000 students. Her main focus lies on strategic goal setting, being the key representative of the department, preparing the budget and making sure the department is financially viable. She is skilled in networking, stakeholder management, leading teams and chairing meetings. Patricia is also continuously exploring the context of health care and social work for new opportunities and translating these in the context of higher education.

Attila Dobos


Semmelweis University – Hungary


Annual conference: Student conference coordinator
Leadership COHEHRE Academy



Attila Dobos is assistant professor at the Department of Social Sciences in Semmelweis University, Faculty of Health Sciences. By his background Attila is a cultural anthropologist and philosopher having intercultural hermeneutics as his main research interest. He has been working in the field of healthcare for more than ten years now with a focus on different aspects of sociocultural diversity and interculturality. Besides lecturing on social scientific subjects and bioethics, he is active in international research and educational programs. Attila represents COHEHRE Academy as a council member since 2015.

Aija Ahokas


Metropolia UAS – Finland


General secretary & PR
Leadership COHEHRE Academy



Aija Ahokas is Senior Lecturer / Manager of Education Export in Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. She is a Registered Nurse and has a Master’s degree in Education. She is interested in different cultures. Over the years, she has been involved in many international projects and co-operation activities in Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East.


Marc Elie

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HAN University of Applied Sciences – The Netherlands


COHEHRE Strategic Management
Annual conference: Strategic Management coordinator



Marc Elie is Coordinator International Programmes of the school of health at HAN University of Applied Sciences (the Netherlands). He has a background in ICU nursing and a master in organizational psychology. Started in 2015 with his current job he coordinates all international programmes in the school of health at HAN University. The school now offers a wide variety of international possibilities to students embedded in many international projects. As a manager and policymaker his professional interests are in the field of higher educational development, internationalisation, quality assurance, organizational structures and human resources. As a person Marc is passionate about international interprofessional collaboration. He connects people and thinks in bigger pictures.

Isabelle Delarivière


Office Manager