Invite to join a Google+ Community for collaborative learning related to European Public Health issues

The University of Derby College of Health & Social Care and Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences School of Health Care undertook meetings during October 2015 as part of Erasmus+ staff mobility exchange scheme to explore opportunities for joint working across institutions. One of the outcomes from these meetings was to pursue a project for online collaboration for cross institutional student learning. It was agreed that to facilitate the widening of the student learning experience and perspective that initially the project would be based around a shared community of practice focused around the subject area of Public Health. This subject area was selected due to the synergies in nursing and other professional programs, as health and social care continues to increasingly shift towards a preventative model across and beyond Europe (European Commission 2010, 2013).


Aims of the project:

  • To enable cost effective innovative collaborative and comparative student learning with the utilisation of a freely accessible online platform.
  • To widen undergraduate healthcare students appreciation of the challenges and responses to Public Health issues across Europe.
  • To stimulate online discourse and debate that leads to the creation of new or alternative approached to tackling these issues.


Multiple platforms were consulted upon across institutions before it was determined that the platform Google + Community met the shared collaborators criteria of: accessibility; user-friendly navigation; visually engaging; enabled sharing; opportunities for discourse and debate.


The early stages of the platform were presented at the COHEHRE conference held at the University of Derby in April 2016. Both Universities would now like to invite students and academics from other Universities across COHEHRE membership to join and actively engage on the platform. The platform European Public Health Collaboration can be found at Google+.


Or using the following QR code:





Guy Collins