COHEHRE Staff Conference 2017, Setúbal, Portugal

The School of Health Care (ESS/IPS), Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal is welcoming you to the COHEHRE Conference on 5-7 April 2017 in Setúbal, Portugal. The School of Health Care is the youngest unit of the Setúbal Polytechnic Institute but already with a well know reputation among the academic community in Portugal. With an admission rate of 9 candidates for each vacancy (on average), ESS/IPS offers first and seconds Bologna cycle degree programmes, as well as a wide range of postgraduate courses for the continuous professional development of healthcare professionals.


The theme that will be addressed this year is:








1. Addressing the humanitarian crisis


  • Outcomes of aggression and violence
  • Disaster management
  • Refugees
  • Migration
  • Intercultural issues


2. Educational development for globalization


  • Education export
  • Information transfer
  • Internationalization in the curriculum
  • Skills for working in poorly resourced countries
  • Brain drain and labour migration
  • Interdisciplinary working
  • Voluntary service
  • Ethics on education of globalization
  • Recognition of prior learning in immigrant populations


3. Developing 21st century competences


  • E-health
  • Communication
  • Information transfer
  • The expert patient
  • Strategies for reaching isolated populations
  • Networks for developing professional competences
  • Tele Health and Social Care
  • Supporting isolated health and social care workers


4. Patient safety and risk management


  • Risk behaviours
  • Risk assessment
  • Effects of risk society
  • Protection of children and vulnerable adults
  • Intercultural sensitivity and communication
  • Interprofessional education
  • Health promotion and prevention strategies
  • Global pandemics and chronic illness




What if a single District congregated everything a visitor could wish for? Is it too much to ask for? Not in Setúbal.


A multifaceted District, looking ahead to the future, Setúbal captivates you due to its very special diversity and quality of life.


Mountain, river, sea and exquisite beaches are placed within a rich cultural and gastronomic heritage, offering an incomparable list of options to visitors.


Gaining status as a city in 1860, and as a District capital since 1926, Setúbal is a cosmopolitan centre located a mere 40 km from Lisbon, the Portuguese capital. Embraced by the blue of the river Sado and the green of the Arrábida mountain range, Setúbal possesses a rich historical background, with houses that exude culture and traditional century-old churches, museums and buildings that transport you to times long gone.


Allow yourself to be marvelled by Setubal bay, one of the most beautiful bays in the world! Where the white sand beaches contrast with the colours of the Atlantic Ocean, the Arrábida Mountain and the bright blue skies. Sense the scent of lavender, rosemary and myrtle and dive into the calm and transparent beaches of Arrábida. Enjoy a river cruise to watch the dolphins and visit the Sado Estuary, the habitat of large colonies of flamingos.


Setúbal also offers a panoply of flavours and is traditionally acknowledged as the region for the best grilled fish in Portugal. Grilled sardines and fish stew delight the taste buds of locals and visitors alike. The famed fried cuttlefish, as well as the monkfish and rice or the eel stew, will astonish any diner. A fine Sado region wine is the perfect accompaniment for your meal and you can enjoy the refined Moscatel of Setúbal as an aperitif. The sweetmeats must not be forgotten. Do not miss out the Azeitão cake rolls, the “S” biscuits and the orange cakes. The famous Azeitão cheese stands out as a reference mark and is always a good choice to start or finish a meal.


Welcome to a distant world. Welcome to Setúbal. The blue corner of Portugal.


More information on the Staff conference and its practical arrangements can be found on the conference website: