COHEHRE Strategic Management 2016

Might you be interested in sharing in the development of an exciting new strand of work within COHEHRE? If so, please carry on reading!


Within COHEHRE we have always offered opportunities for academic development. Some years ago these opportunities were linked together within a new branch of the Consortium which is now known as the COHEHRE Academy. This has developed very successfully under the guidance of two Council Members and a task force of others from our member institutions across Europe. As a result of this success the Council began to review the needs of Researchers and Strategic Managers within Consortium member institutions.


COHEHRE Research was launched last year during our Conference in Derby and this is developing well. This year will be the launch of COHEHRE Strategic Management. Whilst in recent years we offered opportunities for Deans to meet together to network and share experiences at our annual conference, we have become aware of two major issues. Firstly the title “Deans” no longer reflects the title of those who provide strategic leadership and management within our universities. Secondly those who are providing strategic management also have their own development and networking needs.


For this reason we will now be developing a third strand of the Consortium, COHEHRE Strategic Management. We will be offering an opportunity for Strategic Managers to meet as before during the Conference in Setubal in April 2017. If you have any suggestions for topics for discussion during that day or if you are interested in joining an online / telephone task force to initially take this development forward, please send these to Isabelle Delariviere, our Office Manager.
Jennifer Lewis Smith
President COHEHRE