Council elections 2017

Council Membership is an opportunity to join a dynamic and committed group of people in the democratic process of leading and developing the direction that our organisation will follow in the future. It offers opportunities for travel and meeting other students and academics from all over Europe and beyond. There are projects to lead and occasional deadlines to meet but we all enjoy the work so we have fun as we work together to reach our goals.
Elections for membership of the COHEHRE Council take place each year when a vacancy arises. In April 2017 the term of office for the President and two Council Members will come to an end. If re-elected the President and one of the Council members can each stand again for a further three years. (Jennifer Lewis Smith and Celia Soares.) Liisa Koskinen has now served six years on the Council and will not be eligible to stand again.
Over the last three years the roles of Council Members have been reviewed so that each Council Member can bring their own unique skills and talents to their role. When Liisa leaves us we will be seeking an individual who possesses some or all of the following attributes to succeed her.

  • PhD
  • Experience of leading and co-ordinating international research projects
  • Experience in organising and facilitating capacity development seminars in research topics
  • Supporting and facilitating others to develop their research skills
  • Confidence in expressing self in written and spoken English
  • Ability to support and foster new partnership working and publication of work
If you are interested in standing for election please do not hesitate to contact Isabelle Delariviere, our Office Manager, for an informal discussion or further information.
Jennifer Lewis Smith
President COHEHRE