4-day workshop

From 2 till 5th of November 2018, the COHEHRE Academy organized in cooperation with the devLAB of University of Applied Sciences in Oulu (OAMK) a 4-day workshop. 17 participants from Europe and a delegation for Nepal worked intensively in experiencing the method of project-oriented learning developed in the devLAB.

The workshop was built around 3 days of self-experiencing the process of service design and 1-day of discussing the pedagogy.

Participants went through the process of innovation based on ‘wicked problems’ from a home for elderly care. The workshop went through the steps from: re-defing the problem, brainstorming about solutions, developing a prototype, confrontation with the providers.

Along the process, feedback is essential for the learning process. A full day was spend on the pedagogy of the method: assessment of the competences, project oriented learning, feedback, pitching,

Results were presented to a jury of LAB-students and a delegation from practice.