Workshop: Erasmus+

The University of Vic- Central University of Catalonia together with COHEHRE Academy organized a workshop “Towards the new Erasmus+ Programme (2021-2027)” on February 2020.

The workshop was spread over two days and included lectures and workshops. This capacity building workshop was an inter-disciplinary course for lecturers, project-managers and international coordinators in health care professions who were interested in the field of Erasmus education projects.

Mrs. Mireia Galí, expert in pre-award of Erasmus+ projects from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and member of the European Commission working group on cooperation projects in higher education for the new Programme (2021-27), was the facilitator of the seminar.

In total, 11 participants attended the Capacity building seminar from five different institutions.

The course allowed the participants to develop skills for writing Erasmus proposals whereas they had the chance to explore the new Erasmus Programme.