Outcomes Social Entrepreneurship Course

What did Tamira and her team take away from the Social Entrepreneurship course?

  • No experience in developing a product, doesn’t mean it is impossible to develop an amazing product as long as you are given the tools and incorporate the strengths that each team member brings.
  • There is no great product without understanding the needs of your target. Getting different prospectives helps to make a well-rounded product. Feedback is needed to validate your idea and product, to grow your business and to grow yourself.
  • The key to success is having a strong team!
  • Through struggles and happiness we all grew as an individual during this project.
  • We learned what Social Entrepreneurship entails, the impact, how to reach your goal and the outcome.

What did Tamira take away from this course? How did she feel about this experience? What did she get out of out on a personal level? Find her self-assessment on the last 3 pages and discover her doubts, thoughts and personal growths here!

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