Report on the webinar: Stresscoping of undergraduate nursing students during the first corona wave

This webinar discussed the research and its results on how students coped with stress during the first corona wave.

During their internships and theoretical teaching modules, nursing students at HAN were confronted with special circumstances for which they were unable to prepare.

How did students adapt to this new reality? The question was whether students were able to use sufficient energy sources (autonomy, feedback, social support, …) during this crisis to advance in their personal and professional development, which coping strategies they used and whether the first wave had an impact on their portrayal of the profession.

They were presented with an online questionnaire regarding their experiences during the first corona crisis, in spring 2020. The questionnaire related to perceived stress, personal energy sources, sources of support and the coping strategies used. The quantitative results were better interpreted through (group) interviews of the respondents.

In this webinar the results were presented and discussed. The result showed among others

• uncertainty about study progress being a major issue for all respondents.

• three sources of support during this period.

• psychosocial stress

• missed resources

Did the study route (internship, minor and research project) influence personal and professional development and perception?

Curious about the results of this research and the experiences of the students? Feel free to watch the recording of the webinar here.

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