The objectives of COHEHRE Strategic Management are:


  • To provide a dynamic and energised forum in which strategic managers are able to
  • discuss and develop strategic partnership working
  • share issues affecting the financing and development of programmes of higher education and research
  • develop innovative ways of collaborative working to access sources of European and other international funding
  • foster and offer strategic support to collaborative working between member institutions
  • meet at the annual conference with facilitation from leaders in the field
  • To promote capacity building amongst strategic managers
  • To develop new products and ways of working collaboratively
  • To disseminate outcomes of the group’s working through the COHEHRE network
  • To provide a network of experienced strategic managers available to provide advice and consultancy

COHEHRE Strategic Management will be further developed at the forthcoming COHEHRE Conference in Setúbal, Portugal in April 2017. This new branch of the Consortium will build on the work of the annual Deans’ Meetings which have become a tradition over recent years.


COHEHRE Strategic Management Task Force

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There will be a task force composed of two Council members and a small group of volunteer members of COHEHRE institutions. This team will meet virtually and face to face when possible in order to discuss opportunities, establish contacts, and develop ideas that respond to partners’ expressed needs. Any offers to support COHEHRE Strategic Management through this task force and by providing ideas for future projects and ways of working should be sent at this early stage to the COHEHRE Office Manager.