COHEHRE Conference

COHEHRE has an exceptionally active network. Academic Staff, Students and Strategic Managers meet each other in an annual conference. The annual conference is organized each year by one of the member institutions. The conference has a range of parallel themes to meet the needs of students, academic staff, researchers and strategic managers. It is the ideal opportunity for academic staff to meet colleagues from new institutions, share knowledge, engage in new projects and increase the level of internationalization of each member institution.


Since 2005 there has been an increasing will and effort to involve the students in the conference to create an international and networking opportunity for them as well. A program of activities for students runs parallel to the staff program.  The students’ program also includes activities to promote a better knowledge and understanding of the hosting institution, its educational culture, its degree programs and the local health and social care system.


Strategic Managers required an area within the conference to meet and explore topics of interest and issues affecting their ways of working.  For this reason since 2010 one day of the conference offers an alternative parallel program to meet their needs.


From 2016 the needs of those engaging in research are to begin to be addressed with opportunities for networking and developing collaborative practice.



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