The aim of COHEHRE Academy is to facilitate international, interdisciplinary, interprofessional, innovative cooperation and capacity building among COHEHRE members.


The objectives of the COHEHRE Academy are:

  • To enhance interprofessional cooperation within health, social care and rehabilitation programs of professional education
  • To promote capacity building
  • To develop new products
  • To disseminate outcomes of new or existing products of the COHEHRE Academy
  • To act as a consultant
  • To support joint research and innovation development.
The COHEHRE Academy acts as a platform, which initiates, supports and coordinates different activities. It offers opportunities to create, stimulate and intensify networking between partner institutions as well as to develop joint initiatives.




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The Academy is a task force composed of two Council members and volunteer members of COHEHRE institutions. This team discusses, establishes contacts, and develops ideas that respond to partners expressed needs. Each project initiated by the Academy has its own coordinator, which could be a staff member of any COHEHRE institution.


In order to contribute to the objectives defined, three areas of activity are being stimulated:

  • Student mobility programmes with an interprofessional approach (seminars, workshops and pre-conference workshops). See calendar
  • Curriculum Development and joint research. Many COHEHRE partners want to move their internationalization beyond student and staff mobility.
  • COHEHRE Academy supports developing joint or double curricula in order to achieve more consistent international practices within health and social care education.