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Webinar 3: Supporting students for meaningful learning @ Microsoft Teams
Mar 18 @ 16:30 – 17:30
Webinar 3: Supporting students for meaningful learning @ Microsoft Teams



Supporting students for meaningful online learning

Online teaching has increased enormously lately because of COVID-19 and its effect on education. Being able to study and work online is becoming more and more a way of working in all fields. In health care as well as in social work it is commonly used eg. in mental health and for distance rehabilitation. Being able to use tools which enables communication from a distance is essential for future experts.

Lately there has been a lot of information about students being tired and bored of studying online. Some might say this is because of lack of communication, some because of teachers not having enough skills to facilitate meaningful learning online or because of other reasons. This webinar will be a practical session to learn and share practices on how to engage students for meaningful online learning.
Keywords: online learning, student engagement, learning community, visualization

Filip Dejonckheere, Educational psychologist, Expertise Network Health & Care, Artevelde University of Applied Sciences (Belgium)
Ulla-Maija Seppänen, Senior Lecturer & Learning Designer, MSc Health, (OT (reg.) & Psychotherapist) Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Finland)
Janne Karjalainen, Senior Lecturer, Project Based Learning (M.Sc Tech) Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Finland)

Date and time
Thursday March 18, 2021 at 16.30 CET

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POSTPONED TO 2022 COHEHRE Conference ‘Urban Health: Inclusion and Sustainability in super-diverse cities’ @ Hogeschool Rotterdam
Mar 24 @ 00:00 – Mar 26 @ 00:00
POSTPONED TO 2022 COHEHRE Conference 'Urban Health: Inclusion and Sustainability in super-diverse cities' @ Hogeschool Rotterdam

The COHEHRE Council, in consultance with the Conference Host Rotterdam University of Applied sciences, have decided to postpone the yearly COHEHRE Conference to March 2022 due to the uncertainty Covid-19 has brought on. The exact days of the conference will be communicated in due course.

This postponement was not an easy decision to make but the best one seeing the circumstances we are living in at the moment.

We are still striving to maximise your membership and will be organising alternative activities. Apart from the monthly free webinars we are foreseeing, we will organise an exciting programme for students and extra focused webinars with a particular interest in our 3 branches.

Stay tuned for more news on our student and staff conference alternatives!






1. Students: Education & Diversity


  • Lifelong learning
  • Customised programmes
  • Differences in student lifestyles (socio-cultural)
  • Inclusion
  • International study programmes
  • Interprofessional learning
  • Technology for education


2. Clients: Practice & Diversity


  • Urbanisation and health related issues
  • Resilient cities
  • How to promote Urban Health?
  • New challenges in a diverse society
  • Health literacy & prevention
  • Inclusion of newcomers
  • Prevention
  • Sexual diversity within healthcare
  • Vulnerable groups (ageing people, disabled people, etc.)
  • The use of technology and E-health


3. Healthcare professionals: Labour market & Diversity


  • Labour market shortages
  • Ageing workforce
  • Resilience and burn-out prevention
  • Including culturally diverse workforce
  • Cultural differences in the field
  • The use of technology and E-health